Nancy Rose
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Are you tired of being surrounded by fruitless appliances while you are trying to make homemade meals? Are you ill from all those late night infomercials that convince you to buy the latest kitchen gadgets that only leave you disappointed?Well, have no fear! For the creation of the instant pot is here, and here to stay! A pressure cooker and a crock pot fell in love and created this beast of a machine! And it is your turn to take advantage of the instant pot. I believe everyone should have one of these babies within their kitchen arsenal.If you have been struggling to find a guide to really get to know your new kitchen gadget better, this one is a steal! The instant pot, like its namesake, is pretty darn miraculous at being quick, and making meal preparation a breeze. Your average pressure cookers and crock pots got nothin’ on this guy! If you are one that has been having a hard time ...
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