Lisa May Taylor
ASIN: B06W59QM64
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 64

If you want to improve your relationship or learn something new in this field, this book is for you.If you want to be wiser and smarter and behave like an adult instead of being like a teenager, this book reveals secrets of doing that.There are so many situations, so many different personalities but we can find some commonly encountered problems which happen to many people.This book contains 23 relationship problems and questions with the ways to solve them and answers. Both men and women can find tips there.We have the differences between genders but it is not very important here – in our life. Why? Because we all have the same communication problems, and suffer from pain, and have doubts how to behave oneself or how to make things right.We all want to have a good relationship and be able to make a right choice in our everyday life. If you want the same, this book will help ...
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