R. Saint Claire
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 151

"Classic horror tale with a fresh twist. Equal parts Friday the 13th, Eyes Without aFace and The Skin I Live In, Unmasked takes familiar ingredients, joyfullymashes them together and creates something refreshingly new." "PREPARETO BE SCARED! A Taut, Sexy Page-Turning Gothic Thriller!""It has all the trappings of cult horror, but swims in the realm of psychological thriller, while commenting on the very real (and often dangerous) pursuit of beauty and fame in our media driven society."World-renowned pop star, Karla, summons her estranged siblings to engage in intensive therapy at the location of their parents' tragic death: a now abandoned summer camp. When fifty-year-old Karla appears looking more youthful and beautiful than ever, her siblings bitterly chalk it up to good plastic surgery and agree to stick out the month's retreat for a million dollar bonus. But psychotherapy turns ...
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