Nikki Haase
Publisher: Nikki H
Pages: 262

Nearly a year since Karen Turner helped release imprisoned Subjects from Doctor James Thaddeus’ Lab, the infamous Doctor publicly announces his plans of building an army to protect the American people from unseen evils. With cheers of approval for the super soldier military, Jack Cortex and Matthew Machmon, both believed to have been dead, are introduced to the world as Captains for this new army. On live television, Jack murders one of Thaddeus’ hired Guards and reveals that Connor Turner, Karen’s father is still alive. Upon finding her once dead father, Karen and her romantic friend, Shawn Machmon, are captured by Lab-loyal Subjects created from the new serum, Experiment R. As twisted secrets unravel themselves and Karen is forced to fight for her life, will she survive the tortures of the Lab? Or will she have to destroy the last of what makes her human to get out alive?
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