Matthew Croke
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 322

Two months pregnant with their third child, Matt’s wife, Lisa, discovers her cancer had returned. A few months later, Lisa’s mother finds out her cancer resurfaced as well. Wife, mother-in-law, and baby are all in danger.“Yes, and…” is a true story based on a journal Matt kept during a nine-month period to help understand life-changing events surrounding them. The journal becomes an up-close and personal account of what friends and family said they couldn’t even imagine - two sick women and a baby on the way, difficult decisions, fights, victories, self-doubt, raising two kids, and the realization that life was in constant transition. He’s forced into examining deeper life questions of how to accept what was happening, how to grow from experiences he was reluctant to grow from, and how to handle circumstances he didn’t want, but had. It would require him to adapt and reevaluate his ...
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