CW Crowe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 359

A mystery/thriller that will leave you speechless with surprise!Kari Mallot is a twenty six year old reporter for a small town TV station. She hates stories involving cute pets or cute kids, instead wanting the chance to be a "real reporter." The opportunity arrives as her cop boyfriend summons her to interview a famous lawyer who has suffered a horrendous beating at the hands of some unknown assailant. The Lawyer will not speak to the cops about what happened to him - only to a reporter who will make his words public.As Kari and her cameraman rush to do the interview, she has no idea what he will say. In fact, only two people are not shocked to the core by what the victim reveals in the interview; the lawyer himself, and the maniac who beat him with a tire iron - the maniac who wants to be known as a series of three numbers, Four One Nine.That day, Kari gets her wish to be a "real ...
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