Angie Ellington
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 160

There truly is no place like home for the holidaysLacey Myers is on the fast track to success. Living in Boston, working for a major retailer, and up for a promotion. Fate intervenes and sends her back to her hometown of Fair Bend, North Carolina. She hasn't spent more than a few days back home in ten years. She expects to get the job done and return to Boston without complication.As Christmas approaches, Lacey is surrounded by nostalgia, as she tries to balance work and her personal life. Further adding to her growing list of distractions is her college boyfriend, Mason Peters. Will sparks fly when she runs into the man she left behind? When faced with the choice to stay or go, which path will she choose this time? Join Lacey in this heartwarming story of going home again, reconnecting with people from the past, and making choices about life and love.Categories/ThemesSmall Town ...
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