Christopher Pepper
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 450

Commander Johan Else and his Outrider unit are hot on the trail of one of the most notorious criminals in the world; the Underking. Heedless of the dangers, the Outriders hurl themselves after their quarry, determined to bring him in at all costs. Loyalties are tested among the Outriders, however, as secrets from their pasts haunt them, and make them question each other's motives. The Outriders soon realize also that their pursuit of the Underking is in fact a race. An old enemy, gathering a team of his own, is also seeking the Underking for his own purposes. Their paths will inevitably cross, and when they do, the results will be explosive.Meanwhile, just over the horizon of this grand chase, lies the city of Bellkeep, roiling from within. Political machinations and dark magics have the city rotting from within. Dominion spies Nerthus and Edda, in Bellkeep as they search for missing ...
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