Jennifer Rose McMahon
Publisher: City Owl Press
Pages: 267

Meet Maeve. College Student. Treasure Hunter. Cursed. When your dreams become reality, being cursed can be a real nightmare. Like a punch in the face, eighteen-year-old Maeve O'Malley's visions knock her off her path. The Pirate Queen stalking Maeve in her dreams killed her mother years ago, and now, the villain is coming for her. Maeve's decision to ditch Boston College takes everyone by surprise as she packs her bags, leaves America, and heads to the west coast of Ireland to chase her dreams--and end them.Maeve uncovers an ancient family curse that refuses to remain silent until she accepts her predestined role in what many thought was only a legend. Her Irish history professor--a man she shouldn't be falling for--is the only person who understands the origins of her torment.Maeve's journey becomes a medieval treasure hunt through Ireland's castles and ruins as she tracks the wrathful ...
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