Jonathan Davis
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 268

No one hurts you quite like family. It's something Harriet and Lily Cassidy have known all too well throughout their lives. Whether it was the loss of their parents or when Lily had walked out of Harriet's life. Harriet is feeling more lost than ever after the events at the Stillwater mine. She's wandered for months trying to figure out where she’s going. In need of money and to sort things out she stops in at a new town where she decides she’s done hunting monsters. She never knew what had become of her younger sister. Years had passed since they last saw each other. Neither one knowing if the other still lived, but they found each other again in the town of Sangre de Muerto. “Blood of the Dead”There she finds Lily burdened with a bigger responsibility that Harriet cannot understand. One of which is to eliminate an evil that has come to Sangre de Muerto. It is an evil that has ...
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