Rivka Bar-Giora
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 30

If you loved cats stories, this is the perfect book for you!Clio, a mischievous cat who loved to eat, attached himself to the yard of the Bar-Giora family who lived in the village Nitzan.Uri, the father as well as the children fell in love with the cat at first sight, whereas Rivka, the mother made it clear from the outset that she did not like cats. The members of the village were not very fond of Clio and were rather angry at her, because she was insolent and disrespectful. The tale of Clio - The Cat That Loved to Eat, which happened (nearly) in real life, are told in song and poem form. There is a gift inside this book: Clio’s coloring book 18 pictures for hours of coloring and pleasure! Enjoy!
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