Clayton Lindemuth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 313

"A virile tale about a tough-as-nails Blackfoot Indian... a roaming badass... a well-crafted, solid thriller." blueink REVIEW SOLOMON BULL is the son of a rebel who died in the eighties fighting for the American Indian Movement. He trains for an Arizona race called Desert Dog, designed to shred a man, while using monkeywrench tactics to unseat a corrupt senator. Pursued by a smoking hot agent from the Treasury's Terrorism and Financial Intelligence office, a doe-like prostitute with burn marks on her back and a sick story about a demented senator, and by Cal Barrett--Desert Dog organizer and brain behind Operation Guillotine, set to decapitate the US Government--SOLOMON BULL has a difficult choice and no time to make it:Infiltrate Cal Barrett's organization and report to the liberty-crushing Federal Government, or risk everything to embrace his dead father's revolution... Thriller ...
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