Peggy L Henderson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 164

Book 4 in the Timeless Hearts Western Time Travel SeriesDay to day life for Francine Eaton means constant hard work, being isolated from her community, and trying to stay one step ahead of her abusive, alcoholic husband. She's resolved that she has no options to change her miserable existence, but she is determined to protect her unborn child at any cost.Chris Hawley is looking for a way out. Dealing with devastating personal losses, he seeks comfort and a way to escape at the bottom of a pill bottle. As pain, grief, and guilt threaten to drag him further into despair, he is thrown into the past, forcing him to confront the issues he's tried to bury so deeply.Frannie seems to know exactly what Chris needs, even before he knows himself. His unexpected arrival at her doorstep seems almost too good to be true. When questions arise about his motives and character, the road to healing broken ...
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