Tanya R. Taylor
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 162

Terrifying family secrets that lead to murder!** Another exciting adventure in this best-selling series! EACH BOOK CAN STAND ALONE. **Mira and Rosie Cullen can't help but attract those who've passed on, but in this riveting mystery, a mere black-out may mean the difference between life and death. Will the Cullens be doomed or will Mira and Rosie uncover the harrowing mystery just in time?Books so far in this series...Book 1 - Cornelius (#1 bestseller)Book 2 - Cornelius' Revenge (also known as Revenge of Cornelius)Book 3 - CARA (#1 bestseller)Book 4 - We See No EvilBook 5 - THE CONTRACT: Murder in The BahamasBook 6 - The Lost Children of AtlantisBook 7 - Death of an AngelBook 8 - The GroundskeeperBook 9 - CARA: The Beginning - MATILDA'S STORYBook 10 - The Disappearing HouseBook 11 - Wicked Little SaintsBook 12 - A Faint Whisper
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