Caroline Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 86

Lord Bridgewater finds his future bride indifferent and uncaring. Lady Agnes believes her future husband is arrogant and unkind. An arranged marriage brought them together, but the relationship is falling apart. *This is a standalone romance story.*Lord Bridgewater, the future Duke of Edgefield, is destined to marry a woman of his parents choosing. When he meets Lady Agnes for the first time, he is overcome with emotions for his future bride. Lord Bridgewater’s nerves get the best of him, so he finds it easiest to avoid her. When he finally builds up enough courage to approach Lady Agnes, he doubts his initial feelings of affection and finds her cold and aloof. Lady Agnes wants to make the arranged marriage work for the sake of her parents’ wishes, but Lord Bridgewater’s lukewarm attitude has her doubting the match. She doesn’t see how she can ever accept her future husband’s ...
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