Clifford Johns
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 44

Survival Food:Learn 20 Edible Plants That Can Save Your Life In The WildWhile listing down the innate and basic needs of human life, the nutritional requirements will come as the topmost priority. One can live without luxuries and modern day innovations but survival without food intake is not possible. Certain specific circumstances can put you in a need to find food in some wilderness area. It may be a kind of emergency or some self-made decisions. But in both of these cases, the choice of food intake can crucially determine the survival and continuity of life.This book will try to open up the range of possibilities for using plants and herbs as a food, when in need. The survival challenges when pursued with efficiency and intelligence can turn into a real opportunity. Wilderness can pose challenges in terms of food availability so one needs to be competent enough in finding and ...
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