Craig Allen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 451

“Aura the gunslinger is back in another grand adventure. Six months after the events of the previous tale, foul sorcery threatens the land again, and hidden forces from the past and the present endanger the lives of our hero, her friends, her city, and her nation. Pick up Within the Soul for a fantastic story of magic and derring-do, of pirates and monsters, of amazing beasts and terrible villains.” Kelly R., Line Editor, Red Adept EditingFor Aura, killing is easy. Thanks to her freakish reflexes, no one can stand against her when she has a gun. Even so, all she wants is a peaceful life. No more adventure. No more watching loved ones die. No more killing.But the Maker of All Things has other plans. A new machine has been invented, one that can draw more power from a storm than even the most accomplished sorcerer. It will change the world forever, and those who crave power over ...
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