Jason J. Nugent
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 240

A deadly ritual. Can one teen survive the impossible? Humans colonized the planet Kepler 186f after Earth's near total global collapse. Soon after, supply missions ended leaving the colonists to themselves. Renaming the planet Anastasia, they built a new society far different than Earth's. As population imbalance threatened stability in the settlements, they created a horrific and brutal ritual known as the Selection.Centuries after colonization, eighteen-year-old Eron is thrust into the Selection. Hunted by his own kind and the strange creatures known as the Forgotten, Eron must do whatever he can to reach the end in time. His life depends on it.Haunted by the screams of his dead older brother, he only has thirty days to reach Victory Point and reunite with his crush Mina.Eron must endure savage circumstances and forge unlikely alliances if he's to survive the Selection.The ...
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