Amy Cross
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 302

Ten years ago, more than two hundred people died in a horrific plane crash at Hexley Airport.Today, some say their ghosts still haunt the terminal building.FROM THE AUTHOR OF HAUNTED, ASYLUM AND THE ASH HOUSE.When she starts her new job at the airport, working a night shift as part of the security team, Casey assumes the stories about the place can't be true. Even when she has a strange encounter in a deserted part of the departure hall, she's certain that ghosts aren't real.Soon, however, she's forced to face the truth. Not only is there something haunting the airport's buildings and tarmac, but a sinister force is working behind the scenes to replicate the circumstances of the original accident. And as a snowstorm moves in, Hexley Airport looks set to witness yet another disaster.
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