Kellee Strickland
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 371

When she stumbles across her husband's secrets, Siobhán goes from sheltered, obedient housewife to betrayed mistress overnight. Confused and devastated, she makes a drastic choice that sends her life down a slow descent into chaos. With a new bank account full of stolen money and an atlas, she embarks on an aimless journey across the country in pursuit of the mysterious Irishman that awakened a sensual side of herself she'd never known existed. Picking up pieces of people from each state she visits as if they were emotional souvenirs, she begins to lose control of herself while chasing the elusive E.J. from County Cork, Ireland."Siobhán's Awakening" is the first book in the series that follows the young woman's perilous adventure as she discovers who she is.
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