Lynn Red
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 113

Ami Martel, a curvy, constantly-busy and never-well-rested RN is ready for two things: first, she’s ready for a nap. After that, she’s ready for someone she can hold down and ride…er, someone to spend long nights binge-watching superhero TV shows with.What the hell though, a girl can only watch so much TV…so it ain’t like the riding thing would be so bad, huh?Aloysius Prince—but please, call him Ale—is a muscled up, stunningly gorgeous piece of man. There’s more to him than just being a ridiculously attractive calendar hunk, though. He also happens to be the fiercely independent alpha of a werebear clan who is out for revenge on the panther god-king who killed his father.There's just one tiny problem. While tracking the vicious panther, Ale ends up in an emergency room hunting his prey…and a woman he thought could only be a dream. Her curly, dark hair catches Ale’s ...
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