RoAnna Sylver
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 83

These two Chameleon Moon short stories will give readers an especially good foundation to enjoy Book 2: The Lifeline Signal. Both come from the collection Life Within Parole.* * *1. Happy REGARDS - It's Evelyn's birthday, and Danae and Rose are determined to make it absolutely perfect. But like the old rule goes, the harder you aim for perfection, if something can possibly go wrong, it will. And in Parole, 'going wrong' will involve robotic cats and dogs, disaster-prone cakes, hungry carnivorous plants, mysterious "coincidences," and strangely morbid birthday cards with elaborate wax seals. Parole never stops being Parole, even for one day. Fortunately, the people who live there wouldn't have it any other way.2. The Library Ghost - Where the Emerald Bar is Parole's resistance headquarters, if you need a warm bed and a safe haven, you head to the library. There's one problem: people ...
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