Elaine Young
Publisher: Dreams of Love Publishing
Pages: 1036

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. A Taboo Billionaire LoveChelsea Adler has never known anything but the peaceful, quiet beauty of her Amish upbringing. At her best friend Agnes’ insistence she reluctantly agrees to a trip for Rumspringa and finds herself in the heart of San Francisco trailing Agnes who is determined to soak up as much as she can. But clubbing, shopping, and city life doesn’t suit Chelsea who longs to return to her simple life, until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her think twice. Blake Bradshaw, listed as one of the most eligible and wealthiest bachelors is accustomed to a jet setting, high society life. Surrounded by brash, money hungry girls, Chelsea blows into his life like a refreshing breath of fresh air. As they fall for each other they wonder if their love is strong enough to overcome the ...
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