Amy S Cooper
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

Sweet RomanceAll our lives, we've been just friends.Best friends, really.The Plain life in the Amish community may not have always been easy, but we've always had each other. Even as we grew into adults, we had one another's backs.I just wish she knew I loved her.Oh, I'm sure she suspects. When we were kids, I promised her that I would marry her when we were grown up and that I would have a farm for us. I think all of the elders in the community have always assumed it was going to be us in the end. And now that I've just gotten my Uncle's farm, the very farm I've worked on and lived on almost all my life, in my name, all I have to do is convince her that I love her.I'm going to ask her to the singing tonight, and ask her if she'll let me court her.I just hope she sees me as more than a friend, too.5x Bonus Books included in this copy!
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