Irina Stukova
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Paperback Edition likes to count the stars in the sky. One night, a star is missing from the Great Bear constellation. What does this mean?Hedgehog shows his friends what he has found in the forest: a treasure chest filled with magical glass. Looking through the coloured glass brings joy. Squirrel, Badger and Rabbit all want the wonderful treasure. How can they rejoice in Hedgehog's fortune without letting envy spoil their friendship?* Short and sweet, these stories are perfect for reading aloud at bedtime.* Uplifting, gentle and satisfying.* The stories teach your child to value friends, rejoice in others' fortune, observe nature, stay calm and look for solutions.* Written by Russian children's author Irina Stukova with cute illustrations by artist Vladimir Nesterenko.Click 'Look Inside' or 'Download Free Sample' to take a peek at this lovely book.
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