Michele Hart
Publisher: Valentino Publishing
Pages: N/A

THE ULTIMATE SHIFTER COMPILATION**KINDLE UNLIMITED MEMBERS READ FOR FREE!!**Plus, see Bonus "SPECIAL FOR YOU" inside.Book 1: Bearing The Pain Book 2: Cursed BearBook 3: Bearing DownBearing The PainReeling from grief, Amanda takes a vacation to her parents’ mountainside cabin in the woods outside of Seattle, Washington. While in town, she meets a handsome young man named Dylan, but he has a deep secret. One night, out on a date, Amanda finds out that Dylan can shape shift into a bear, but not just any bear. He shifts into a super rare and powerful White Spirit Kermode Bear. This is also the same night that she reveals to Dylan that she’s a virgin. She also learns that a local clan of Rival bear shifters are committed to stopping the white spirit bears from expanding their territory. After a few days, she finds herself right in the middle of the conflict. Amanda is faced with a ...
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