Kala Boudreaux
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 77

FREE Bonus Content: 20 Essential Oil Scent Combination Recipes!This Is Your Essential Oil Cleaning Guide For A Non-Toxic Home!Are you looking for convenient, effective, and healthier products to replace conventional household toxic cleaners?Do you want to minimize the exposure risks to products containing toxic chemicals, which jeopardize your health?Have you personally been affected by allergies, asthma, skin sensitivity, chronic headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, infertility, developmental delays, organ damage, and cancer?Are you looking for a trusted resource that contains the information, procedures, and tools necessary to effectively transition into a healthier lifestyle?"Cleaning With Essential Oils" is a more effective, efficient, and enjoyable approach to learning, implementing, and cleaning with essential oils. This essential oil cleaning program is designed to help you ...
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