Kate Goldman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 717

Maid For a Sheikh Jane applies to be a housemaid for Sheikh Asaad to finance her master’s degree at a prestigious university. She’s convinced that she messed up her interview when it ends in a heated argument, but the young sheikh unexpectedly hires her anyway. Despite numerous cultural clashes, they soon become something more than just employee and employer. After Sheikh Asaad learns that Jane is not only an interesting woman but also a talented engineer, he engages her to work in his oil business. As their relationship progresses, Jane learns that Sheikh Asaad is betrothed to the princess of his rich Arabic country and Sheikh Asaad learns that the CEO of his partner company has fallen for Jane and will do anything to get her to work for him. Until he met Jane, the sheikh never objected to the idea of an arranged marriage. Now he must choose to either marry the princess or to fight ...
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