Various Authors, Deidre Leshay
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 142

“The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being” ~UnknownLove will make you do some crazy things. After saying enough was enough, Alexis Goodwin finally moved on with her life. Chasing after one man only lasts for so long. Thinking that she had finally found her future husband made her life better or did it? A run in with her past, Mr. Wesley Mayfield, brings back hidden feelings. Can she escape the temptation of giving him a second chance? With a decision in mind, the discovery of her future husband’s disloyalty throws Alexis into a real life love triangle. Who does she choose? The man her heart lusts for without attention in return or the man who helped her move on? Issues with loyalty, lust, love, and reckless behavior will have you Addicted to a Street King too…
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