Margaret Lashley
Publisher: Zazzy Ideas, Inc.
Pages: 308

Road rage, rednecks and romance. Solve this twisty mystery before you die laughing!Being jobless and divorced at age forty-five is bad enough. But when Val Fremden’s only friend in the world ends up dead, it’s hard not to think the world’s out to get her.Maybe it is….The sugar-white sands of St. Pete Beach attract weirdos like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. So when the will of Val’s friend is announced in the paper, loonies scramble out of their beach shacks vying for a piece of the leftover pie. Determined to find her friend’s true heir, Val reluctantly turns to three crackpots for help – a drunk, a redneck, and a snarky beach bum. Working at odds with each other, their bumbling investigation attracts the attention of a hot cop. He quickly gets into the fray and under Val’s skin. Whether it’s in a good way or bad only time will tell.If you love funny, hard-to-solve ...
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