Murray Brent
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Start a new sustainable healthy lifestyle today with the help of Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)LCHF is more than just a diet. It provides a route map toward an ongoing lifestyle that is both sustainable over the long term whilst improving you health overall. Most regular diets fail over time because they demand a strength of will that is simply not sustainable for any length of time. LCHF approaches how we eat from a different perspective.  By changing what we eat rather than how much we eat we are able to avoid falling into the hunger trap that so many low calorie restricting diets create.  The story of LCHF and how to regard conversion problems when you first start with the dietCarbohydrate is the one macro ingredient that we can live without and carbs are normally very low in nutrients. Whilst encouraging us to eat less fat and more carbs the various health organizations actually ...
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