Odessa Gillespie Black
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 294

Long ago, Souleater, Matt Horan, wiped the memory of his bondmate, Ceara Pruitt, to protect her. Since then, he’s grown numb and can only feel other’s emotions. In a moment of weakness, his intentions to send himself to hell are destroyed when Ceara re-crosses his path. Torn and tormented, he longs for her touch and to restore her memories. Despite rogue Souleaters setting their sights on everything he holds dear, he is determined to never lose her.Drawn to the mysterious stranger, Ceara experiences a passion she has never known. After a night of uninhibited desire and flashes of new memories, she realizes this isn’t the first time Matt has been in her arms. His true nature isn’t the horror. It’s that he holds the devastating ability to abandon her again.How can she allow herself to trust him when the past is repeating itself?
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5 stars from 8 ratings
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