Cynthia Diamond
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 475

Tony is just a breath away from redemption. But will he sacrifice the one who has claimed his heart to get it ?After escaping the terrors of his dark cabal, Tony Harris craves redemption. With just one ritual, he could resurrect the mother he accidentally killed. All he needs is a Conduit -a being who holds endless magic. But when the Conduit turns out to be a quirky, optimistic woman named Faith, his world is turned upside-down. Now Tony must choose; bring Cybil Constance back to life or give his heart to someone who believes in him. With the cabal hot on his tail, Tony is unsure he’ll survive long enough to make the choice.Faith Conway longs to forget her abusive ex-boyfriend but between emotional scars and an overprotective mother, she has lost all confidence in herself. Now, thrust into a strange place called the Wyrd, a devastatingly handsome mage appears to protect her. All she ...
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