Sam Burnell
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Pages: 500

Meet Richard Fitzwarren - A mercenary with a dubious past, questionable morals but unswerving loyalties. AVAILABLE ON AUDIBLETwo Queen's, Two Brothers... and a secret that unites them allThe Fitzwarren brothers share no great love for each other, but disinherited, hunted for treason, wanted for murder, circumstance and opportunity lead them into the shadowy world of Royal Court intrigue. Caught up between two sisters in a battle for an uneasy crown, the Fitzwarren brothers grudgingly find their survival and fortune depends on each other. If you like Bernard Cornwell then this is a read for youJack Fitzwarren, Richard’s displaced bastard brother, seeks a place at his brother’s side. Impulsive and hot headed, his attempts to gain his brother’s acceptance and approval often end badly. Finally they are brought head to head when Richard tries to foil a plot against Elizabeth I.Can Jack ...
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