Susan Coventry
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 273

Kate Stephens has had a crush on her co-worker, Luke Donovan, for over a year, but he has no idea. The company they work for has a strict non-fraternization policy, and the fact that they’re both managers doesn’t help. Since she can’t have the real man, Kate does the only other thing she can think of--she writes a romance novel using Luke as her muse! Chances are he’ll never read it, right?When Kate and Luke are paired up for a work assignment, she discovers that their attraction is mutual although Luke is determined not to act on it. But when they attend a managers’ weekend retreat their relationship really heats up. Will they be willing to risk their careers for a chance at love?In the end, will Kate discover that true love is Better Than Fiction?Better Than Fiction is Susan Coventry's fifth standalone contemporary romance novel. For fans of sweet and sexy romantic ...
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