Kevin Luckerson
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 3rd edition (April 19, 2017)
Pages: 170

Research in cosmology, ancient philosophy, quantum theory, and mathematics, shows that the universe may exist as a computer program driven by sets and series(s) of numbers; and, where the larger part of the universe (as a light hologram) is considered to be a large infinite space of possibility or potential, driving the behavior of space; -- with space existing as light. This new view of the universe explains away much of the mystery surrounding Religion & Mythology and finally gives a scientific explanation for ancient stories, popular myth, and legends (including The Pyramids, UFOs, Space Portals, Astral Worlds, and Hidden Dimensions: for Magic & Illusion). This new view of the universe also opens the door for an understanding of previously unexplained phenomena; inside mental worlds ... including Dreams, ESP (and Clairvoyance) - where the observer is subconsciously driving a ...
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