Oksana Grinberga
ASIN: B07119MR8G
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 237

This captivating fantasy love story by award-winning Russian author is based around an eighteen-year-old sorceress Layne Vayris, who has her fair share of adventure, romance and magical times.Layne Vayris has lost the two most dearest people to her. Her mentor and her Uncle Niklas. Each have tasked her with delivering their last requests. Layne's mentor requires three letters to be delivered on specific dates and specific times. Whereas her Uncle Niklas has asked that she deliver an unusual book of his, to an unworthy previous student called Goter.To complete their dying wishes she must leave her peaceful and tranquil village of Wolverdell to enter a bustling city of magic and depravity.There she meets a young homeless boy called Remi, who guides her through the city. Their friendship spurs her on to find the first addressee of the three letters, a Master Sharrez. But Master Sharrez is ...
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