Taylor Hart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 156

Enjoy this fast-paced love story by best-selling author, Taylor Hart.Jace Harding, celebrated running back for the Denver Storm, gets a shock when his former neighbor, the beautiful and kind, Addison Livingston, passes out in his arms. After rushing her to the hospital and discovering she’s recently widowed and eight months pregnant, he never expected the doctor would tell her she needs mandatory bed rest and he really never expected he would be offering to move in and help.There’s no way Addison is going to agree to that ridiculous plan! What would the neighbors think, especially the nosy cat woman, Mrs. Hensley? Not to mention the fact … drumroll … they don’t even know each other! However, she's alone and would do anything for this little one growing inside her. When he offers to throw an obscene amount of money at the nonprofit organization she’s involved with … well ...
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5 stars from 43 ratings
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