Amy Faye
ASIN: B071251V5S
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 345

His fingers dug into her scalp, forcing her to take him deeper down her throat..."Good girl," he said. It gave her a sickly pleasure that she wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel about. She knew exactly how she did feel about it, though, and it was more than a little bit humiliating to think how much it pleased her.On the list of things I expected, getting the sexual attention of a billionaire was not one of them.That he was a dragon was pretty out there, too.But he was hot. Hot as sin. He was hard to read, dangerous, and irresistible. And he wanted her to be part of his collection.This book is a full length standalone paranormal romance novel. No cliffhangers, and a sexy HEA for each story. Perfect for anyone who loves scales, shifters, and yummy badass dragons!
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