David Carter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 516

He vowed he would never return...Something awful happened to eight-year-old Bobby Blaise in the small town of Glendale. His dad was a drunk and his mother wouldn't listen. Bobby Blaise's family let him down, so he left to find a new one. Now he's back, a grown man with a new name and a plan for revenge; Glendale's going to be sorry.But Bobby’s not the only one in Glendale with unfinished business. The school burns down, then the murders start. There's something familiar about the modus operandi: people are dying and Glendale is in Chaos. Can Blaze save the town that let him down? Does he even want to?From The Shadows is the first book in the Blaze series - receiver of the Readers Favorite 5-star seal."What I got from David Carter was an incredibly fast-paced and exciting story. There are some books that you truly cannot put down and From The Shadows was very much one of those books. ...
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