Josephine Parker
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 263

KATE'S JOB IS TO STOP SCANDAL, BUT AFTER KISSING A SECRETIVE CEO, SOMEONE IS OUT TO DESTROY THEM BOTH!Kate Piper is a Boston Reputation Manager with a nose for scandal. When she gets a midnight call to save a family business and launch her own career, she thinks her dreams are coming true. But when Kate begins to fall for the secretive family CEO she has to decide if he’s the threat, or if someone else is trying to bring them both down. Falling for Chase could save them both, or destroy her own American Dream.Chase Kincaid is on the verge of taking his company global. But when sexy reputation manager Kate Piper shows up, she could discover his secret and ruin everything. Now he must decide, trust Kate or risk it all.AN AMERICAN DREAM LOVE STORY: Where Women Chase Their Dreams and Find Love!
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