Katie Wyatt
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Pages: 50

Available as a value box amazon.com/dp/B073RQYPBG (copy and paste the link into your browser)American Mail order brides of the West, Historically Inspired clean and wholesome short story romanceAnnabel is desperate for a life of her own. Her family life is chaotic and busy, and she does not have a good relationship with her mother. When she is given the opportunity to move to San Francisco and marry Arnold Brigham, a man she has never met, she believes this could be the answer to her prayers.-Will Annabel be able to leave her best friends Louise, Sara, and Tallulah for a new life out West?-Is Arnold Brigham the man that she hopes he will be, and will they live happily ever after I the Wild West?-Is there any chance of Annabel and her mother ever forming a loving closer bond relationship?This is book one of a four-book series, Join Annabel as she embarks on a journey of discovery and ...
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