Tom Berreman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 433

When those profiting from a new migraine medication with the undisclosed side effect of causing enhanced, spontaneous PTSD flashbacks silence a whistleblower, Blake Lawrence must rely on his courtroom skills to uncover how and why the FDA approved the drug.The answer is not what anyone in the courtroom expects.Andrew Hayden III is on the verge of vaulting the corporation bearing his name to pharmaceutical industry prominence pending FDA approval of Xyprotaine, a revolutionary migraine medication, when Darnell Young, Hayden Labs' vice president of research and development, discovers clinical trial notes summarizing potentially catastrophic side effects withheld from the FDA. These notes, suggesting enhanced PTSD flashbacks in patients taking both Xyprotaine and antidepressants, were written by Dr. Reginald Cosgrove, who is pending Senate confirmation as the next Commissioner of the Food ...
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