Dr.Sujata Singhi
Publisher: Happy Self Publishing
Pages: 122

In an era of uncertainty and insecurity in all areas of life,one manifests a life of struggle and discontentment. Thereis no need to lead such a life and there is every reasonwhy one can and will be able to lead the life of his/herdreams. Attract abundance of health, wealth, fame andprosperity by dwelling into the profound knowledge of theancient Indian culture of using the Himalayan Singingbowls.The sound of “OM” and the way the mantras were createdhave a deep science associated to it in the form ofsounds, frequencies, vibrations and resonance. It has noreligious beliefs attached to it. The ancient Indian sageswere spiritual scientists and hence, could channelizethese vibrations, which have the healing effects on thebody-mind- soul thus enabling wholesome prosperity andabundance in life.This step-by- step guide on the “ Power of Sound” teaches:1. How one can understand the ...
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