Shyla Colt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 121

Andrew Hunter is the best thing that ever happened to me … and the worst. Sexy, intelligent, and masculine, he checks all the boxes on the ‘man of my dreams’ wishlist. There’s one catch: he needs a ring before we do the thang. I thought I knew what true love would look and feel like, but he’s showing me I have a lot to learn. Will our sacrifice be worth the ultimate prize in the end? Or will fear keep me from the one thing I’ve always wanted?AndrewAfter love and tragedy crushed my spirit and split my soul, I found myself left to care for two small children. Forced to piece myself back together for them, I focused on career and family. I never expected to meet the one woman who would complete me. The promise I made in desperation keeps me from doing the one thing we both want most. Will my vow cost me the love of my life, or can we make it down the aisle?
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