Timothy Hallinan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 375

Simeon Grist has been out of print for 20 years, and he's pissed off.his few remaining readers are being murdered . . .. . . and there's this girl.“A triumph of imagination.” – Edgar winner Bruce DeSilva--------------------Back in the 1990s, award-winning author Timothy Hallinan wrote six highly-praised private eye novels featuring a Topanga Canyon slacker named Simeon Grist. They didn't sell.And now, the last unsold copy of the last book in that series has been pulped to make cheap newsprint, and Simeon finds himself somewhere neither he nor his writer could ever imagine: in a limbo for unsuccessful fictional detectives.He's aware for the first time that he's not real, that someone else thought up his life. And down there in the “real world,” someone is killing his readers . . . and he might be falling in love with a nonfictional girl.What's a guy supposed to do?“The ...
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