David Jeffrey
Publisher: Sylvanus Books
Pages: 444

Aiden Macallan never doubted for a moment that his mother, an outspoken advocate for worker’s rights on Luna, had been murdered by Terra Corp, the most powerful and ruthless corporation in Bound Space. But his act of revenge had only earned him prison time in the Domain’s deadliest penal colony. Now he’s working for that same corporation as a planetary geologist aboard the company’s survey ship, the Argo, and they’re speeding toward most miraculous discovery ever made. But after voidjumping into the Chara system, 27 light-years away, the Argo finds itself in a dangerous race against arch rivals, Allied Republics of Mars, to stake a claim of questionable legality. As a catastrophic war is about to erupt, Aiden is pulled into its vortex of violence and into the heart of a profound mystery where the key to humanity’s future lies hidden. To find it, he must trek alone across a living ...
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4.5 stars from 9 ratings
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