Debbie Drum
Publisher: TCK Publishing
Pages: 135

How to Read Faster and Remember MoreWhen we were taught how to read growing up, we were taught to read slowly and focus on every single word. These poor reading habits hold us back, and it’s why so many people don’t enjoy reading.You see, your brain is a lot like Goldilocks. When you read too slow, your mind wanders, you get distracted, and reading feels like a chore. When you try to read too fast, you can't comprehend what you're reading. The key is to read at the right speed using the best reading strategies for your learning type. In this short read, you’ll discover proven strategies to read faster without having to: Practice speed-reading techniques for hours and hoursSkim text and risk missing crucial informationRead cliff notes or shortened versions of a bookThis book combines the best lessons from speed reading techniques, neuroscience, and modern technology to allow you to ...
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