J.T. Williams
ASIN: B071L16B1L
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 159

The Northern gods watch over them.Valrin and his companions narrowly escaped their deaths and flee east. By chance, they have learned of a gaseous poison in the hands of the dwarves capable of slaughtering thousands. How will the Stormborn, with the power of the ancients at his command, find a way to stop them?Now, he must trust his shadow elf friend in seeking out the mysterious daughter of the Ice Mage. With her power of elemental magic and sorcery unlike any before her, she could prove a powerful ally. But will her own dark secret hinder his own task as Stormborn?He struggles to trust the one person they risked their lives to save as shadows descend upon the crew. Calling upon every ounce of his courage to survive the coming bloodshed, he may have no choice but to go to the one place that could ensure the death of them all. But will courage be enough?This is not your typical coming ...
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