Lynn Best
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 163

The last thing I thought I'd worry about on my college spring break was being bitten by the world's hottest vampire. I didn't think much of Cancun until I met Armando. With his sexy accent, perfect body, and an expensive sports car, he should be interested in models, not a broke-ass, Ramen-eating student in thrift store jeans. Yet, he wants me.When he invites me up to his place, my body takes over, shutting out any rational thought. Something about this amazingly attractive man makes me lose my head. And my clothes. When I wake up, I find myself craving blood. Only the man responsible can unlock the mystery surrounding my transformation. But can I track him down before I do something everyone will regret? For fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, A Shade of a Vampire, and Children of the Gods. Love Bite is the first book in the Bite Series. It contains hot vampires ...
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